Blumarine and Juergen Teller: quite a surprising association, isn't it? Yet for the label’s Spring/Summer 1996 campaign, Teller's refined style precisely encountered the hyper-sensualisation of the nineties! For the Italian fashion house, the photographer featured model Annie Morton, composing a look “inspired by the artist Jibby Bean. Annie was already pretty rock 'n' roll in her look, but with the clothes for Blumarine being pretty, we wanted to dishevel her more”, recalled Teller. And it worked! The campaign was one of the most successful for the brand, while this shoot helped launching the career of a model then turned into a famous face.
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Dress DIOR.

Blu Marine Juergen Teller Annie Morton S S96 .jpeg
Blumarine by Juergen Teller, Spring/Summer 1996.

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