When Rei Kawakubo expresses her inner sense of fashion it's rather to explore a new relationship with the preconceived ideas of body, perfection and beauty. One day in 1993, after seeing a layout of the anti-fashion photographer Cindy Sherman in Harper’s Bazaar, Kawakubo contacted her to introduce the idea of joining forces for a collaboration. 1993 marked indeed Comme des Garçons’ twentieth anniversary; for that reason, Kawakubo gave total freedom to the New York-based photographer to display clothing from each of the past Comme des Garçons collections. The outcome was as fantastic as provocative: a Fall/Winter 1993-1994 campaign depicting female characters who were imperfect, distorted, over-the-top, and even ‘ugly’ for mainstream beauty standards. It bravely challenged femininity norms, which, obviously, turned the fashion world upside down.
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Dress GUCCI, cape VIVIENNE WESTWOOD, dress and boots TOGA, jumper TOPSHOP UNIQUE, gloves ARISTIDE.
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Shirt and bra TOPSHOP UNIQUE, dress CÉLINE, apron ART SCHOOL, gloves ARISTIDE.
Winter1993 1994 by Cindy Sherman2.jpg
Winter1993 1994 by Cindy Sherman1.jpg
Comme des Garçons Fall/Winter 1993-1994 by Cindy Sherman.

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