In a bit more than a week, a new edition of the Melt Festival kicks off in Ferropolis, Germany. After twenty-five years of making this meeting a unique experience on whose stage the hottest artists and bands in the world have performed, this event in which electronic, rap, rock and indie meet has positioned the small town between Berlin and Leipzig in the international map for music enthusiasts. From June 8 to 11 we will enjoy Shygirl, Bakar and Nu Genea Live Band live, among many others. And there are only a few tickets left!
“Melt 2023 probably offers the most diverse lineup in the German-speaking region. Whether raver or hip-hop head, fans of indie or pop: there is something for everyone in the lineup,” says Florian Czok, festival director and booker. Pursuing his goal of creating space for shared experiences and discoveries, to encourage our visitors to think outside the box, he's sure that even perhaps unknown acts will cause storms of enthusiasm at Melt. If you check the lineup for the edition that starts in just a few days, you’ll realize that everyone is welcome to enjoy this experience that offers an incredible variety and blurs the lines between musical genres.

From Folamour, who has just released his new album Manifesto being the result of 2 years of intense, personal production, to Nia Archives, many artists have been confirmed for this new Melt call. If you want to know more about them, we recommend you to listen to their Spotify playlist which contains (almost) all acts and thus offers a comprehensive picture of this year's lineup. See you in a few days!
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