Two months ago, Mel 4Ever presented Go Bitch! featuring hyper-pop star Fraxiom, the first single from her upcoming sophomore EP. Now, in the middle of summer and featuring New York City it-girl Linux, and Athens-based DJ, music producer, and artist, BABYNYMPH, also known for collaborations with SOPHIE, Chase Icon and more, drops her new release, Big League Chew. Offering a second taste of the project she'll be releasing this August, the multifaceted artist now unveils a tongue-in-cheek raging EDM pop anthem that began as a humorous ode to her package.
“I knew Big League Chew had to be a song written and performed by trans women. It’s like the trans girl Bang Bang,” says the artist who is revolutionising the hyper-punk genre when asked about this latest single, which is meant to make all trans girls feel seen and celebrate the parts of their body that they may not always feel happy about. “I was sitting on the couch one day with my roommate, and part of my package was hanging out of my underwear. We were laughing about it and she goes, ‘It looks like Big League Chew.’ After I heard that, I immediately started working on the lyrics. It was instantaneous.” 
Co-produced by Jack Hoffman and BABYNYMPH, Mel 4Ever's musical project is not only defined by energy, vibrancy and fantastic aesthetics but delivers powerful messages to the audience built on empowerment, self-awareness and self-expression, very important issues in which there is no lack of humour and irony, blowing up stereotypes and being herself. She is set to release her sophomore EP next month, with a few more surprises in store. She describes it as “the mark of a new age in pop music… It's trans rage and focused power. It's my personal introduction to the industry.”