The newest single Reflets, by the emerging London-based singer and producer Meelo, aims to explore his sound. To achieve this, the artist now presents a music video that shows us how dance and music come hand in hand in expressing the healing and thrill that comes from freeing yourself from fears. Now, he has that announced his upcoming debut EP titled Movement 1 will see the light on April 29. With this new project, he has been able to find his own voice and he’s willing to make the audience feel the same.
“Carried away, like a leaf in a storm,” we read inside the description box of Meelo’s music video. And that is how the song and the choreography of the music video aim to make us feel, as we see the dancer letting herself go into the sound. “My music explores a deep commitment to the values of introspection, self-discovery and healing. We’ve all felt that strange mix of thrill and fear when we’re on the cusp of making a breakthrough, fearing it precisely because it is still in the unknown. Reflets dives into that feeling with a mix of shimmer and depth, unrelenting rhythm,” states the artist.

Through Meelo’s redemptive quality of music and genre-spanning that he puts in his sound, we get to see more about his story and how music helped him to overcome some personal fears, as he unveils in each note of his EP Movement 1. The peak of Reflets is about transcending and blossoming after a self-contemplative moment.