L’atelier 21 in Casablanca presents Moroccan artist M’barek Bouhchichi’s latest exhibition The Silent Mirror, until April 26. This provocative series showcases the artist's attempt to reinvent and re-evaluate the perceptions of the Black body in Moroccan society.
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Bouhchichi attempts to relay messages surrounding the complexities of Black individuals through fragmented depiction of the human body and mind, creating a kaleidoscopic effect in the works. The series includes a nod to the artist's tendencies to include both symbolic and literal references to his personal background that include both himself and his loved ones, using a range of powerful motifs.

The Silent Mirror demonstrates Bouchichi’s range and artistic focus on the space, gesture and abstraction. The use of the repetition of the physiological features in the paintings reflects the artist's message about the multi-faceted realities that Black individuals hold and by doing this, the artist assigns the viewer responsibility of defining the fragments that are depicted within the subjects.
M’barek Bouhchichi’s evocative exhibition The Silent Mirror is on view at the L’atelier 21 Art Gallery in Casablanca Morocco until April 26.
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