Maya Golyshkina, began her creative fashion oriented career over the course of the ongoing pandemic. Employing a wide array of materials and objects around her household her vision is to create wearable structures inspired by the materials with which she works. Maya was able to catch the eye of some world renowned designers to jump start her passion. Partnering and working on collaborations has become a staple to her continued successes with designers such as Marc Jacobs counting as one of the first to acknowledge her works.
Could you share a bit about yourself, your creative process and what led you to an artistically driven career?
I was a very creative and unconventional child. I went to all kinds of clubs. I started with art school. At the age of 16 I earned my first money as a photographer and then I started selling my ideas. At 18, I earned my first trip to Paris, which was not a very successful one. I always really wanted to leave Russia, but it wasn't that easy. The funny thing is that my career began to develop the most when I couldn't even leave home, let alone leave the country. But I still dream about it.
In what ways do you keep yourself motivated and or energetically aligned with your work? And do you find it difficult to do so?
At first it was very easy. I am a hyperactive person and a hard worker. I think that's part of my talent and success. But at some point, I started to get very burnt out and depressed. That was this spring and I'm just now getting my strength back together again. It was pretty hard.
Your self-made clothing that incorporates a plethora of household objects, food and various raw materials is quite unique. What and or who have been some of your major inspirations when putting together your latest articles of clothing?
I always answer differently, it's hard to say. My brain is just constantly teeming with ideas. Most of all I am inspired by my life, myself and my self-development.
What has it been like working with major brands and designers such as Marc Jacobs as a result of your uniquely whimsical aesthetic and style?
I'm used to it now, but a year ago I wouldn't have believed it to be true. I was shocked when big brands first started writing to me. It was a very interesting experience.
When brands and or designers reach out to you for photos, collabs, etc. do you take the time to make sure those who you are in contact with align with your ethical values? And have you ever had to turn down anyone due to this?
To be honest, I haven't had a bad experience yet. Brands usually gave me complete freedom and are happy with my ideas. 
Do you find that the demand for photoshoots has continually increased especially since they often can’t [or couldn't] be done in a typical setting due to the global pandemic actively affecting the flow of our daily lives?
I think so. It's something new.
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I imagine that many of your designs take a long time to make. Are there any projects that stand out as your favorites whether it be solo and or collaboration pieces?
It's hard to say, usually I just get a high from the process, the result is a point and an end. Then there's less fun.
You have used such a wide range of materials and themes throughout your work. Are there any artistic fields that you haven’t used yet that you would like to incorporate into your art in the future?
Money haha.
You seemingly have been able to thrive (artistically and creatively) over the course of the pandemic with having to stay in as much as possible. What are your thoughts on the social media shift in terms of enjoying and showcasing fashion through sites such as Instagram, Twitter and TikTok?
I think it's a very cool platform. Allowing anyone to become popular overnight.
You have a vast imagination and seemingly take on various character portrayals throughout your work. In what ways do you adopt different personas and or identities when embodying your art?
I just use my brain.
Maintaining a certain level of playfulness and using found materials has been staple to your work as it stands now. Are you looking forward to being able to expand upon your creative field once the pandemic begins to die down and we [re]gain the ability to freely travel, attend large live events [clubs are shut in Paris, new restrictions are expected in Russia]? If so, is there anything you already have in mind in this regard for possible projects?
I have a lot of big and small plans that I'd rather not talk about. But I can tell you one thing, all of them will not be realised in Russia.
What can we look forward to seeing from you in the near future? Any possible upcoming projects, collabs, campaigns, etc.
Follow my Instagram and you will see everything soon :)
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