Some say that the beginning of the Aries season and spring season is a bright time for starting new projects and bringing closure to past phases. After releasing some pop hymns, the singer Matilde G now comes out with Digging for Diamonds. In the song, the artist tells a story about how someone doesn’t respect our feelings and boundaries and left us wandering questions. Accompanied by an elegant and symbolic video, the song is all you need to feel energetic, refreshed and empowered.
Matilde G shows us once more how she keeps evolving as an artist. In her own words, when talking about the track: “It sounds more mature and represents exactly the path I want to take in my music journey.” The truth is that after putting out Doorbell and Milk N Honey, the artist has grown exponentially, and she proves it with Digging for Diamonds, where her powerful voice manages to capture the anger, frustration and emotion of the lyrics of the song.

In Digging for Diamonds we find a Matilde G trapped inside a cage, as she starts singing about being “easy-going, but not easy fooled.” Within the music video, the artist shows us the two sides of the story, the white and black wings, being stuck and then freeing herself and dancing while doing aerial acrobatics. Finally, we see the artist closing what appears to be a box, as a metaphor for leaving behind a complicated phase.
Matilde G 2.jpg