If you needed some feel-good music for the weekend, Mason’s got you covered. Today, the renowned musician releases Chroma Panorama, his fourth studio album, formed by thirteen tracks that take listeners on a journey through “cerebral urban pop, ‘80s sex jams, indie tinged house, sprinkled with funk and soulful downtempo vibrations.” Have a listen!
Spanning over two decades, Mason’s career in the music industry is filled to the brim with successful collaborations, tours, and top-charting hits. For Chroma Panorama, the artist is collaborating with singers like Sweetie Irie, Brit award winner Jack Garratt, Dragonette, Sophie Barker, Poppy Hankin, Magugu, and more, who each contribute to the positive feeling of the entire record. In addition to the aforementioned, Mason has invited guest voices from members of The Gospel House Choir and Girl Ray. Exciting, isn’t it?
Speaking of the record, Mason says: “Making an album really suits my needs to just create anything I want without being constrained to boundaries, genres or tempi. I love DJ-ing with all my heart, massively, but as a producer to only write music for dance floors I find a bit limiting. I just like to do more.” With that freedom, he now releases Chroma Panorama via his own imprint, Animal Language. “I’ve been really enjoying diving into the deep end of the song writing process and just going with the flow. I have to say, I’ve been one lucky bastard being able to work with such a talented bunch of artists as I have on this album,” he concludes.
The album starts with Let Love Lead the Way, featuring Eliza Legzdina, which sets the happy, danceable tone of the rest of the album. Violin strings and piano chords paired with electronic beats make this song an instant success. Continuing with Lights On, featuring Might Delete Later, the album turns more electronic yet also intimate, perfect for a night own dancing with your crush at the club or at a home party. This feeling of intimacy continues on with Mountain Peak and Sirens. But Once More, featuring Poppy Hankin, gets us back on our feet. Red Lights almost scares us with the energetic piano intro, but it quickly turns into ‘70s-inspired psychedelic rock banger. Hugely influenced by synths, Break Down This Illusion creates an enveloping soundscape that takes us into a futuristic dimension. A perfect closing comes with Showdown, with Sweetie Irie’s strong voice giving us a last push paired with electronic beats.