Hauntingly beautiful and enigmatic, Martyyna’s new song, This Time, has a spellbinding effect on those who listen to it. Out today via Infinite Machine, the singer’s new song samples from water droplets to owl calls, and mixes them with her hazy vocals and a reverberating clock chime. After four years since she released her debut EP, Awaken, the artist is back with new music and visuals – and we’re here for it!
This Time is the first single off of her upcoming debut album, titled Written in the Scars, which is an ironic play on words. With that witty and sarcastic title, Martyyna confronts the cliché that our destiny is written in the stars, and instead, says that “our life’s stories are influenced by the scars we carry within us and by our coming to terms with them.” The album will be composed of  this single as well as other songs fresh of the studio like Distorted, Sunshine Girls and Invitation, where she’s worked with producers like Oliver Torr.
In This Time, the singer repeats a hopeful wish: “This time… don’t make me cry.” That sort of desolation is also conveyed through the music video that comes with the song. Shot in Spain’s Canary Islands, the desolate and burned-out land is the perfect setting for the track’s intention and feeling. Because This Time is an incredibly atmospheric track, one that creates a soundscape from the get-go – and one to get lost in. 
With her upcoming album, Martyyna “perfects her layering of textures, tonal shifts, gradation of rhythms and deconstruction of string instruments,” as her team explains, which shows an incredible evolution from her 2020 EP Awaken. In Written in the Scars, we’ll listen to a more mature voice, one that’s kept training and practicing, finding new sounds, exploring new musical domains, and just becoming an even better artist. While we wait for it to drop on June 7 this year, we have This Time to enjoy ourselves.