Marta Veludo is a multidiciplinary artist. Having studied graphic design, she is able to extend her art to any medium: paper, video, fabric and even a chair. An explosive mix of creativity linking picture, sound and tumblr.
At first, you may think that the design market is completely saturated, but that is not quite true. More and more professionals are needed who are able to handle the visual identity of products, brands, campaigns or publications. In these fields, the portuguese Marta Veludo is the star. Among her works we can see collaborations with agencies, freelance work and her flagship project, the silk scarves from "Be ready, be cool." Today we took the opportunity to talk about design, future, fashion and her experiences in Spain.
You were born in Lisbon, lived a while in Barcelona and now live in Amsterdam. Why the Netherlands? Why did you decide to leave Spain?
Yes, I am Portuguese and for 3 years I studied and worked in Barcelona, a lovely city indeed. I admit Barcelona is the city of my heart but I wanted another life experience, and that's the reason for the move. Some more freezing and chilling and wool clothes but a lot of exciting new inputs, professional and personal speaking. Besides, we cannot avoid the sad and unpromising economical and political situation in Spain and other Southern countries.
You have been working for several years as a graphic designer, which are your influences? What inspires you?
I can say that graphic design is for me the beginning of everything. It's my background, my anchor point. To feed me I've got everyday / everywhere inspirations as all creative people I guess, but at the moment I'm quite addicted to tumblr. It's an easy peasy tool, where you can suck up all the internet trash and wonderful inspiration images. I like to work around people too, I believe that if you keep your eyes open you can learn and get a lot out of the way people deal with their working methods, inspirations and random conversations.
What is your working method? Do you find that working for agencies is loosing part of your creativity?
My working methods change a bit according to the client / brief or project, but what I do know is that I can't start with a mood-board. I visually get together all the ideas, paths, look and feel. Regarding working for agencies, you gain an enormous power of creation, flexibility and understanding. I think working for agencies, studios or clients can bring really good stuff into one's work.
What brand would you like to change its image? And, on the contrary, what brand do you think has a good corporate image?
I love Kenzo's corporate image. From the graphics, photo shooting, advertising campaign, catwalk, Kenzo can make it work with an edgy and provocative feel. I would love to rebrand New Balance, my favorite sneakers brand.
Your collection of silk scarves "Be ready, be cool" had a big impact. How did you conceive the project? Did it involve a big change in your way of working?
Yes! I have to say I was surprised and happy to see how the "Be Ready Be Cool" was received by the public. The scarves were thought for the solo exhibition I will have in the Miscelanea Gallery in September 2014. But then the project reached a higher dimension, of which I'm very glad, of course. It was a different way of working, a lot of try outs. It took me a whole month to build something nice, bit by bit.
Have you thought of doing more things in the world of fashion?
I want to carry on working in fashion and retail, always with my graphic design approach whether in branding, lookbooks, editorials and punctual collaborations regarding pattern design.
Do you feel more comfortable designing, illustrating or working on video? Do you consider yourself a multidisciplinary artist or are these just different facets of the same work?
I've always had that problem. Labeling is necessary but there are times when I feel very annoyed by that necessity. I know that I don't consider myself an artist. I'm a designer with the skills of giving answers to problems and working through different mediums. I use illustration and video as tools, always keeping my line and style of work. So yes, I guess I am very multi-disciplined.
How do you see the future of graphic design and illustration? What should we do to make the job of a designer more valued?
There's a new tool to illustrate, design and photograph being born everyday. Everyone can do it, it's easy and fast. Technical of course, but in order to be a designer you need more that tools, you need a concept, as well as being creative and capable to understand and be self critical. First of all, people (clients) have to understand that designers, (people who have studied and work professionally), know better! After that, we can work and make love together.
Can you live being a freelancer? Even in Spain?
It's easier to live as freelancer than in Spain but it's still a tough job!
Finally, what's playing while you are working? Is music important in your life?
Yes! Music is important, all day fuel. My workplace sounds like a happy and smooth dancefloor, colourful and funky!