As part of Marni’s FW fashion show, taking place during last Milan Fashion Week, we had the chance to experience Looking for Marni, an artistic piece that introduced the brand’s latest eyewear range. The concept behind these relevant partnerships and installations is rethought, once again. Now, the revered brand is shaking things up by unveiling its latest collection of furniture décor, an essential part of what could be easily called the whole Marni Universe.
At Marni Ballhaus, the Milanese brand introduces its furniture designs by drawing inspiration from Colombia, and more essentially, from cumbia as an artistic dance. Introducing its latest range of furniture items by planning a show where Colombia's visual and artistic heritage is heavily present in the manner of beautifully skirts and Cumbian girls dance, Marni gives assured proof of what the brand is aiming for.

Additionally, the skirts were one of the key parts of the exhibit, made following the visual pattern the brand is known for, and which went on sale on such specific occasion. Not just the skirts have been heavily decorated based on the aforementioned Marni pattern, but also so profoundly enriched with motifs and colours reminiscent of the Caribbean country. With no doubt, it is a chance to admire such a miraculous handmade work, being able to experience, far from the stores, the innovative concept the brand takes into practice in every performance and artistic installation possible. Also, a portion of sales of the design items are going to be donated to the Vimala Association, confirming the commitment of the brand with charity initiatives.

Nowadays vanguardism is built on the basis of creation and proposals ahead of the present, something Marni has benefited from by taking it to its own field. Now, beauty is crossing the ocean and dancing to the sound of Colombia's cumbia.
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