Music has always been an instrument to connect people from all over the world, regardless of their origin, nationality or age. A link that transcends all social labels and allows us to express ourselves beyond language barriers. But if there is something especially relevant for artists today, it is the emotional connection and addressing mental health in their creations. The British artist Marlon Percy is a good example of this. His new single The Mind – which is his second track on the SoCal Records – hopes to show his global listeners about finding their inner zen.
“This track is reassurance for all the people, like me, that struggle with a busy, whirring mind,” says the artist, whose new single will be part of an EP that will be released in the coming months. “In my experience, trying to let go of attachment (a characteristic of Buddhism and meditation) can really help to slow racing thoughts. The song explores trying to detach from modern desires and status in order to find a state of internal calm,” he adds. A healthy and balanced perspective on life and a way of understanding the world that we all seek, consciously and unconsciously, in a reality that is advancing at a dizzying pace and where it is difficult to connect with our feelings while being exposed to so many sensory stimuli.

Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Marlon Percy grew up in London and was always connected to his passion, music, which would eventually become his profession. Released last Friday on SoCal Records, this song is just a sneak peek of the great work the artist is working on and that is coming soon, after having released singles that already have tens of thousands of streams on Spotify like Patience, How Far or Shame.