New times call for new formulas and new travel companions. Since the designer graduated from Central Saint Martins more than a decade ago, starting his eponymous brand Mark Fast has not stopped betting on conscious knitwear, working from a modern perspective in which tradition meets modernity. It's a work ethos that celebrates life by making the human silhouette a sculpture that demands comfort and uniqueness, which now acquires a new format through visual stories. The brand surrounds itself with a diverse group that champions freedom on a walk through Los Angeles in #MarkFastFriends, its new proposal.
It is not easy to find a balance between functionality and exclusivity. Many designers tend to superimpose the realistic over the dreamlike or vice versa, but making fashion a place where concept and result meet at the same level is a challenge. And Mark Fast has shown how to do it since he decided to launch his most personal project in 2008. Having presented dozens of collections collaborating with brands such as Topshop or Swaroski, in addition to having dressed artists such as Rihanna or Tilda Swinton, the designer is fully aware that staying in the market implies being conscious of the situation in which the world we live in is in. An ecosystem that luckily seems to be heading towards inclusion, heterogeneity and respect.

His Spring/Summer 2021 collection is the materialisation of a deep reflection from the pandemic, a message of celebrating life and visualising a hopeful future full of colour and thrill. The designs range from denim inspired by the eighties, a period that meant a before and after in the history of fashion, to geometric motifs, neon and an interesting fusion of sporty and chic aesthetics designed for a legion of urban youth ready to conquer the world. As if they were characters in a movie, the people that Fast has in mind refer to a universe where attitude is an essential value. And it is precisely this character that he pays tribute to in his new visual story titled #MarkFastFriends.

Far from limiting himself to showing his work on catwalks and presentations aimed at buyers and press, the brand expands its message to anyone who may feel represented by its values. A universe that claims the importance of being true to oneself, that flees from the fears that society tries to impose on us, where being different from others seems to not be accepted by certain sectors. The feeling of alliance and union, followed by garments full of vitality, invites us to join a revolution in which fashion, the mechanism for expressing oneself par excellence, plays a fundamental role. Because as Mark Fast, who opened his first store in Beijing a few months ago, says “the show must go on.”
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