“Are we really what we seem to be?” wonders Leipzig-based German singer Maria Die Ruhe in her new single released today, Superrare. With this last song, the artist asks herself if it really makes sense to try to be perfect in a society in which it seems that the prevailing trend is uniformity, common parameters and no distinction between human beings. “Do we all need to be super rare, super fancy, and super perfect?” she questions herself, while she tries to get closer to the true reality that hides behind a sometimes fictitious façade.
The avant-garde and the strength that the abstract has in her work are some of the differentiating factors of the artist, who previously lived in Berlin, San Francisco and London, and has performed on several different stages across Europe, including Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, and Turkey. The single that she now presents comes along with a music video directed by Knut Holburg. “I created this song on the edge of capitalism and capitulation,” she adds when asked about the vital moment she was experiencing when she brought this work to life.

Among her sources of inspiration, it is worth highlighting the works of Frank Wiedemann, Stimming, Dominik Eulberg and Elder Island. And in the music video, in which sunglasses are very present, we see how the artist recreates through a metaphor embodied in the styling the double reality of which she speaks. On the one hand, how we present ourselves to the world, and on the other, how we really are: “Beneath the surface, there is always a human being and it might be worth taking a second look at who a person really is. Maybe this reality is even more interesting than a seemingly needed perfectionism.”