You may already know him from hits like Blocking Blessings, with millions of streams worldwide, but MarcAndre has so much more to offer. A musical work based on his experiences, through a deeply personal journey where he splashes out his emotions. Today he releases his new single, Affirmations, in which we can differentiate two parts. On the one hand, it addresses the disconnect with a loved one in a relationship and how you can do everything to better yourself. And the second part is marked by strength and determination, security and frankness. You can now listen to it on all platforms.
He raps, sings and creates melodies. MarcAndre is an extremely complete profile in an industry that demands professional artists capable of working with knowledge in the different areas of the sector. But if there is something essential for an artist's music to convince the audience, it is that it connects with their feelings. And this is precisely the great strength of the Los Angeles-based artist, who speaks to anyone with internal battles after a broken heart. After releasing singles such as Dead or Immune, he now surprises us with Affirmations.

Pouring his experiences into music and remaining true to himself and his living principles, MarcAndre now presents an upbeat two-part song that captures the moment after a breakup and the grey area we all have faced, in which the possibility of reconnecting and meeting someone again contrasts with the definitive end of an emotional story. And it is not easy to make decisions when reason collides head-on with emotion, and feelings sometimes play a trick on us. Music seems to guide the artist and his fans on their path.
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