Lying on a rock on the beach on a gray and cloudy day, Mara resembles those oil-covered mermaids photographed by Steven Klein for Vogue Italia. Beyond this image, the voice of the Brooklyn-based singer is as spell-binding as that of those mythical creatures, capable of hypnotising the listener. Today she releases her new single, God Damn You, along with a music video directed by Siqin Bian. And she takes the opportunity to announce that she is releasing a new album!
The first preview of her new LP, titled Dawn, which will be released on April 10th, is a single that explores the process of falling in love with an almost excessive intensity and, at the same time, the emotionally exhaustive spiral that follows that period. The ups and downs are constant in us, but they are exacerbated even more when we adore someone and they become the centre of our world. Mara conveys this to us through her new song, who besides being a singer is also a DJ, producer, and performance artist. Additionally, she releases this new single, God Damn You, through Cultivated Sound, her own record label, through which she has released other artists such as Ariel Zetina, Anna Wall, Maria Chávez, Hiroko Yamamura, Phon.o, and Rosa Anschutz.
As she explains, she’d love for “the listener to create their own story” about God Damn You. “The source of your fascination could be a person, a creature or a God. Whichever the being or entity is, it’s revealed its dreams to you and there’s darkness there with the inability to resist it. There’s this sense of drowning within the madness, finding yourself uprooted or lost and being under its control. You’re powerless to its magnetism and part of you relishes it.” Have a listen now!