Inside Barcelona's Palau Sant Jordi, this past Tuesday April 11th conquered by the Italian mega-group Måneskin for the evening, the golden hour turned red once the massive curtain dropped. The pulsating drums guided us into the show's opener, Don't Wanna Sleep, which eloquently set the tone for the entire show, singing: “Don't wanna sleep/ dance dance 'til I die.”
Måneskin has transformed the capacity of almost eighteen thousand people into conjunctive euphoric worship of Damiano, Victoria, Ethan, and Thomas' efforts to revive classic rock live concerts we've only heard stories about from our parents. Recordings of Måneskin are only the teasing, flirtatious foreplay of the real deal of their relentless live shows. The band's chemistry is incomparable, with the spotlight on each member and their undeniable talent for their craft. The newly blonde buzzcut Damiano's perfect vocals weren't compromised by constant jumping covering every inch of the stage. 

The star of the show, Måneskin's latest album, Rush! displayed the four-piece delivering the high-energy hits Gossip, Own My Mind, Mamma Mia, and heart-wrenching ballads like The Loneliest and If Not for You. For Coraline and Timezone, the Palau Sant Jordi stopped breathing and let the waving camera phone lights shine.

In no need of a refuel, Damiano's outfit has gradually fewer and fewer items, and with that, the number of fans' bras flying in was intensely increasing. Those standing close enough may have gotten lucky by sharing the stage and controllably moshpit with Måneskin for the post-punk masterpiece Kool Kids.

Måneskin is our generation's future of rock music and unapologetic genderless inspired fashion; in the process of reaching a global takeover. I can confirm Måneskin dominated Barcelona on April 11th.
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