Having skyrocketed to fame following their Eurovision win in 2021, the Italian band Måneskin, who did well to hold onto the limelight with their cover of the Four Seasons’ Beggin', have just released their first full-length album, Rush!, with a majority of tracks sung in English. It's a drooling and pop-informed romp, admittedly catchy albeit canned in moments, hitting heavy notes with tracks such as Gasoline, and equally glib ones with Bla Bla Bla, it twists away from the clear definition and certainly has the potential to cement the quartet’s popularity.
Few artists have managed to make a career out of a Eurovision victory, but with collaborations with Iggy Pop on their prior single I wanna be your slave, and Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello, who features on the track Gossip, as well as a supporting slot on a Rolling Stones tour, Måneskin have done well to milk their success. Even when tracks such as Mammamia become nearly intolerably corny, and Supermodel rips into a certain iconic Nirvana track, substituting '90s angst with lyrics about a supermodel with sticky fingers for Basquiats, the outlandish serves to ground the album rather than tarnish it.

In working to reinvent the rock star image for the new age, Måneskin are working overtime, and seemingly having quite a good time doing it; it's difficult to fault the album from a purely stylistic point of view, it's certainly pop rock/glam rock fun. You’ll dance, you’ll laugh, and if the predictable and heartbroken lyrics of the closing track, The Loneliest, manage to get to you, you just might cry.