Pierpaolo Piccioli is a designer who is constantly on the move, proposing new aesthetic discourses and offering his personal point of view on fashion. Since his arrival at Valentino, he has developed countless projects; this time, he addresses the male audience with Maison Valentino Essentials, a proposal that seeks to redefine not only men's wardrobes but also the concept of masculinity from a sartorial perspective.
As the name itself indicates, Maison Valentino Essentials revolves around two concepts: essence and essential. A project in which these two related concepts come together and are translated into pieces in which the quality and purity of their creation make them timeless, but the volumes, shapes, and colours give them enough contemporaneity to fit into the wardrobe of today's world. For Piccioli, men in recent years have managed to free themselves from stereotypes that do not allow them to express their identities freely, and he takes advantage of this wind of change to address them directly.

The pieces that make up this collection are intentionally universal; without leaving aside the impeccable artisanal tradition of the brand, classics are reconstructed to adapt to all types of customers. Blazers, trousers, jumpsuits, and even iconic accessories such as the Valentino Garavani Loc bag and Valentino Garavani One Stud XL sneakers are present, each with details that reflect the evolution of the maison's classic codes. The fits are relaxed, the sizing range is wide, and the pieces belong to a tailoring category as much as they do a couture one, two concepts inherently attached to different genders that Piccioli wants to merge in an unperceivable way.

In an unexpected twist, the campaign explores another of the brand's interests, the relationship between fashion and new technologies, with images created thanks to artificial intelligence and its algorithm, which gathers existing data and generates a new vision. The aim is not only to expand the territories in which Valentino can build new concepts but also to celebrate these alternative realities, not as a replacement for the existing one but as an extension of it in which the possibilities are infinite.
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