Maison Kitsuné, the eclectic Franco-Japanese brand headed by Gildas Loaëc and Masaya Kuroki, got invited as special guest designer at Pitti W 11 to unveil their latest FW13 collection and their first ever show. The Paris-based label combines music and fashion, and it was natural that they forget about classic catwalk and propose instead an eclectic mix of both mediums presented in a show staged as a TV taping, starring their beloved bands and singers from Kistuné's family : from their lastest 'it' band Citizens!, to French talent Yelle. During this private showcase, each artist played one song while wearing the new collection. We took the opportunity to have a chat with Masaya Kuroki, about the clothes, its inspiration, the music, and what exactly is, for him, Maison Kitsuné.
How did you perceive the opportunity to participate in the Pitti? Did you immediately see it like an opportunity to do something new?
With Gildas we were thrilled of the opportunity Pitti gave us to participate to an event like this, and it was with a big pleasure that we received the invitation. We were particularly pleased to be given the chance to present the collection, for the first time, as a show. We were really excited; excited to have fun. Certainly next time we'll proposed something else, and it's what we like, always proposing something new.
How did the idea of a music showcase came to your mind instead of an usual catwalk, for your first presentation?
It was the perfect way to introduce ourselves, and say who we are and what is Maison Kitsuné . It's true that we have our own label, a real music label; and a brand, a real fashion brand. It came naturally to our minds that the artists we signed under the label wear the collection, and be the image. It was like releasing a new song or a new record, but this time it was the clothes.
You were talking about, with this show, being able to "say what is Maison Kitsuné"; so what is Maison Kitsuné exactly?
It's new but it's not a concept. It's a label and a brand, and they are two complete different things. The label is existing by itself, as the brand. The show was just the occasion to mix them both, but we are really considering them as two different projects that embrace our two passions. Music and fashion always evolved together, but the way we are created it is, I think, new.
What are your main inspirations at the moment of creating for the collection?
Our inspirations are coming from our lives, our daily lives. When I'm working on a collection I'm really drawing what I want and feel. The style is really Parisian, and the clothes are classics but at the same time really modern.
Can you tell us about the future Maison Kitsuné projects?
We are opening in february the Tokyo Store, following the opening of New York last April, that we are really excited about. We'll keep on the collections while the label is constantly growing, with artists as Citizens! or Two Doors Cinema Club. Music is going faster than fashion.