The quick orange fox has jumped through the summer months and has found itself back where it started. Maison Kitsuné has begun the annual ringing of autumn’s bells, calling us back from what has been a sweltering summer to wherever we must return. With a range of freshly coloured and printed staples, classic of the brand, Back To provides a fresh slate of options for the fall season. The campaign's distinctly positive, Gen-Z sense of creativity is perfectly represented by its star, musician and model Joyce Cisse (better known as Flowerovlove).
Maison Kitsuné is an independent Parisian fashion house with roots in Japanese minimalist aesthetics and streetwear. The brand is known for playful, easy-wearing items in sharply tailored silhouettes; something especially found their leisure-wear items smart enough for social outings. The brand’s Back To campaign directly toes this line of formal and comfort. The new campaign, shot by Marili Andre, playfully prods at the impending return to school and work. For the campaign’s 17-year-old star, returning to school is no metaphor.

In the new range of sweatshirts, puffers, oversized tees, joggers, and even a wool suit, Cisse is shown navigating the office, classroom, and tennis court. The new collection is primarily editions of the comfortable sartorial staples beloved by the brand’s cult-like following. As Cisse’s lively dancing and tennis strokes demonstrate, the items are work and play ready: comfortable enough for a long activity-filled day. The season’s offerings are far from sparse and also includes a new set of accessories. The brand’s iconic fox logo is found in many of its distinctive iterations throughout. The brightly coloured images feature multiple copies of Cisse navigating partial stages set against pure white backgrounds. Dreamy, they feel like a flowerovlove song come to life and remind us to not take things too seriously.

We hope that we will not find ourselves stuck in detention writing our repentances repeatedly in chalk, and Back To reminds us of all we have to be excited for. As Cisse says her favourite piece, a preppy cardigan, reminds her, the summer’s end also brings “the feeling of going back to school, being so excited and not being able to sleep on Sunday night knowing the next day is the start of a new school year!”
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