Born in a small European town in the Netherlands, Mae Seven, the musical duo made up of two brothers, headed to the United States to pursue their dream. Taking inspiration from the miscellany of hip-hop and R&B adding their unique identity, they created a personal pop that they continue to build day by day since they released their first single Who to believe in 2016. A self-released track that was the point of heading to their latest singles, Why u don't love me, and the recently released All my life.
Mae Seven's writing is based on real-life experiences that the listener can hopefully take on as their own. And it is that although these last two songs may seem very different in terms of musical style, they share a common message and meaning. “Whether someone is not treating you the way you deserve, or it is your decision to move on,” they say. They want their audience to feel good, to give their listeners a better feeling at the end of the day is what it's all about. And in their more than 5 years of career, they have shown they know how to do it.

With singles that exceed one hundred thousand streams on Spotify such as Want me to be or Need me, besides the already mentioned Why u don't love me, Winter and Styn, the members of Mae Seven, fit their path together in pursuit of their great passion, which is music. And we are sure that this latest single, together with the recently released All my life, will lead to new musical adventures that we will be able to enjoy very soon. Stay tuned!
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