Lyves' highly anticipated sophomore EP Change is being released today. Crafted over the past 2 years, the independent London-based artist, songwriter and producer has been teasing some songs for the past few months. From Shame to How Would It Feel or the title track Change, she had already given us some clues about her new project. Now we can listen to it in its entirety, exploring the five tracks included in her new EP, which draws inspiration from jazz, trip-hop, breakbeat, United Kingdom garage, psych-rock, folk, and New Age, with its foundations rooted in alternative. R&B and progressive soul.
“Creating this EP helped me navigate my way through loss to finding joy again,” Lyves replies when we ask her what this new album has meant to her. One more demonstration of the power of music, and how it can influence our emotions and therefore connect with the audience. “It captures that process for me, and by the end, there is a sense of relief and acceptance; of seeing more nuanced colours and shades in life, of deeper awareness and understanding the embedded beauty and vulnerability in all things – how they shape and change us, ultimately helping us evolve into the best of ourselves.”

Having found her voice again and stopped hiding, as she tells us, the singer-songwriter has collaborated with Mercury Prize nominee Dave Okumu co-producing the project with her, Syed Adam Jaffrey on mixing, and Grammy Award winner John Greenham mastering the project. An infallible team that has allowed this process of personal transformation to be channelled through music in the solo project of British-born Italian Australian creative Francesca Bergami. Are you ready to feel?
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