Lyhre's debut EP was part of the Netflix series Elite, one of the greatest teen phenomena of recent years. These audiovisual projects have the ability to catapult some artists to success and make them well known, reaching a very wide global audience, mostly young people. It is precisely from the new generations that the single that she now presents, Parasite, came about when she saw a call for young writers to submit a text on how to conquer the future. “I saw it and felt that something deeply irritated me about it, so I wrote a text titled Let's not conquer the future,” she tells us.
It was from there that she began to shape her new single, with which she hopes to inspire others to have the courage to see something different than the seemingly inevitable. “We always think that there is this boundary between me and you, or subject and nature, forgetting that all our skin is perforated... So when it rains and for anyone writhing out of an abusive relationship,” says the artist, author of tracks like gently brutal or Seirenes. “For anyone who is overcoming, has overcome, or will overcome something or someone, Parasite is rain on your skin that may make you less lonely for a moment.”
There is no doubt that Lyhre, the solo project led by Berlin-based multi-instrumentalist, and singer-songwriter, goes beyond strictly musical aspects and encompasses countless artistic disciplines, with influences ranging from electronica, alternative/rock and pop. Because what is truly surprising about this profile is the meaning of her artistic work, her ability to merge different references and sources of inspiration from different fields, giving it her personal stamp and adding new meaning.
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