If you love sports and luxury, it’s your lucky day! Louis Vuitton has unveiled its new collaboration with NBA, the National Basketball Association of the US, for which Virgil Abloh has designed a menswear capsule collection based on the NBA’s world-famous logo as well as on its main colours – red, white and blue. In addition, this year’s Larry O’Brien Trophy, awarded to Los Angeles Lakers, came in a very special bespoke Louis Vuitton Trophy Travel Case, hand-crafted in the House’s historic Asnières workshop on the outskirts of Paris, France.
Even though this year’s champions have been crowned, the capsule collection LV x NBA will be launched on 20th November and will present limited editions of clothing, accessories, leather goods and shoes. Based on a player’s wardrobe, the collection will feature three different dress codes: a grey cashmere tracksuit with graphic motives inspired by travels; a vivid blue leather jacket with hood, a pair of Monogram jeans, and t-shirts, based on the player’s arrivals to the games; and some more formal suits and shirts based on press conferences. In addition to these pieces, the LV x NBA collection will also feature multifunctional bags and backpacks – like the Christopher, Keepall, and Nil models – as well as derby shoes, loafers, sneakers, boots, and jewellery pieces.
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