Following dream destinations like Greece, Miami, Shanghai, Morocco, India, Bali, or the French Riviera, Louis Vuitton has published a new book as part of its Fashion Eye collection. This time, the French House explores Ukraine, more specifically the Carpathian Mountains, through the unique gaze of artistic duo Synchrodogs.
Lv Synchrodogs Ukraine 3d.jpg
Formed by Tania Shcheglova and Roman Noven, Synchrodogs is a photography duo working in-between reality and dreams, fashion and fine art. Based in Ivano-Frankivsk, a small city about 600 km from Kyiv at the edge of the Carpathians, their work tackles themes like odyssey, the oneiric world, nudity, and the relationship between humans and nature, all the while condemning deforestation, pollution and the destruction of natural environments.

With this new volume, Louis Vuitton offers the public the possibility to explore Ukraine through Synchrodog’s work, a mixture of landscapes, nude photography, performance, fashion and land art, especially their series Slightly Altered, which puts together pictures from the numerous trips the duo has made through the mountains.
Synchrodogs Slightly Altered 9 Reflective Tape Trees.jpg
Synchrodogs Slightly Altered 75 Synchrodogs.jpg
Synchrodogs Slightly Altered 14 Lights on Hill.jpg
Synchrodogs Slightly Altered 10 Colored Glass.jpg
Synchrodogs Slightly Altered 9 Peak.jpg
Synchrodogs Slightly Altered 43 Blue Dot.jpg
Synchrodogs Slightly Altered 51 Landscape With Clouds.jpg
Synchrodogs Slightly Altered 29 Mountain Landscape.jpg
Synchrodogs Slightly Altered 24.jpg