The 70th year old photographer captures her life on special anniversaries and birthdays, creating three photographic series of great interest. Lucy Hilmer began taking pictures of her back in 1974. A photography student at the time, she decided that every April 22nd, the date of her birthday, she would take a self - portrait, wearing nothing but her Lollipop underpants, boots and socks. Through this project Lucy managed to peel – off society’s pretty girl label and gave the world the chance to observe how beautifully a woman’s body is aging. A book and an accompanying piece film are planned to be released soon. Hilmer’s relationship with camera and time though is also reflected on other two projects, too.
The Wedding House series is a tribute to her husband, documentary filmmaker Bob Elfstorm. On October 27th 1984, Lucy and Bob got married at The Lyford House, in Tiburon CA. Ever since, they return to the historic Victorian location every year on their anniversary just to take a self – portrait together, sometimes featuring their daughter too. Lucy and Bob have been life partners for 35 years now.
One of Lucy Hilmer's most well – known projects is her series My Valentines, pictures of her husband and daughter Annie, taken from 1987 until 2010. These photographs were subsequently printed as postcards and mailed to family and friends to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Lucy self-published a hardcover book with the 21 portraits of her beloved ones. The photographs are also accompanied by poems written by her.