Continuing her unstoppable path to stardom, Luci is back with a new song, Thunder Calling, which just proves her voice’s versatility and the uniqueness of her sound. This latest release brings her audience closer to the launch of her debut ten-track album, titled They Say They Love You, out April 19th via record label, Don’t Sleep. Produced by Louallday, Tay Dex, and Wes Singerman, the New York-based singer’s new track is one you don’t want to miss.
Thunder Calling is, in Luci’s own words, “a montage of emotions, symbolizing the journey of love, achievement, and self-discovery,” which reflects on the exhilaration of fresh love. Mostly known for her prowess as a rapper, this new song stems away from the genre to explore new territories for the artist, where she shows off her impressive vocals and the wide range of her voice, going from deep to high pitched in a matter of seconds. There is still an element of hip-hop, of course, but there are also more melodic parts that enrich the song’s composition and production.
Luci’s new single follows the release of previous tracks Spins, 11:11, and Martyr, all of which are going to be part of her debut album’s tracklist, together with other unreleased songs like Inside or Morning Wine, which sound just as promising. The album, recorded between Pittsburgh and Los Angeles, explores themes of loneliness, self-care, love, perseverance and coming of age, and includes production credits from industry heavyweights like William J Sullivan, Louallday, Elias Abid, and Edmund Irwinsinger. As Luci puts it, They Say They Love You is “an experience akin to mushroom tea – warm, multi-layered, and ultimately enlightening.”