Texture and volume, organic and synthetic, timeless and immediate. LRS embodies this pure and magnificent contradiction of the easiness of nowadays pieces. Raul Solis, the man behind the brand, prefers to maintain a low profile about him – the crucial point here is the clothing and its contemporary eccentricity.
With only three collections launched, LRS came to this world to live longer. Pushing the designs to the limit, exploring new materials in order to keep the brand fresh, there is no specific category that could label all the outfits. From the studio, they assure us that “some of the designs are bold, but they are bold because we want convey a message.” There is no doubt that LRS is thought for a multifaceted woman who shows confidence in herself above all . And there is nothing more sensual and graceful than that.
Vinyl, neoprene, cashmere and wool are some of the materials that have been used, in a mixture of delicacy and awkwardness that would make you want to touch, to feel and to dress all the asymmetric, stripped or animal printed dresses along with the metallic skirt and cowboy super tall boots from the Spring 2016 collection. And in the end, you would have just a beauty and simple result that would describe all the comfort expected of a post minimal look.
Keep an eye on LRS and follow it on Instagram and Snapchat while it establishes relationships with retailers and gallery spaces in order to grow. This way, you can help “building a team and a space to see the brand prosper.”