Next week Low-Res will release their new album Därför, but in order to make our wait shorter they have decided to share a sneak peek before the official release date on May 5. Kitchen is their new single in collaboration with Maria Pettersson and Calle Olsson, and it comes a few days before we can fully listen to their upcoming 11-song album. The Swedish post-punk duo makes a wonderfully broad and atmospheric listen with this new single which brings another fresh and vital addition to their eagerly-awaited new full-length album.
“The song developed through a number of steps. First, the music was written by Low-Res, then lyrics, vocals and synth overlays by Maria and Calle and finally flute and mix by Konie (Viagra Boys, Les Big Byrd, The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, etc.)” Low-Res reply when asked about their latest release, which takes us into the musical universe they have been working on for the past few months and which they will present to their audience in full next week. “Varför and Därför belong together,” they add about their upcoming release when comparing it to the full-length album they released in 2021 featuring guest appearances by Jukka Rintamäki (Silverbullit) and Per Nordmark (Fireside) among others.

Having written both albums in the same vein and with the same approach, “fast, creative and with many collaborations that colour the expression,” as they say, they will be bound together on a vinyl release combining the two albums into a double album which you can pre-order here now. Kitchen is a more direct approach to the project that continues the path they took 2 years ago, and it's about driving up the country, playing music together and being nervous about socialising.