Appearances can be deceptive. And a good example of this is Løv Li, who you probably wouldn’t say is the prototype of a musician who masters a 500-year-old string instrument. But he is, and he also does it accompanied by a fantastic bleached hair and androgynous look. One more demonstration that we should not let ourselves be carried away only by the image and we must continue working on deconstructing the hateful stereotypes. Can't let you go is his new single and music video, and it's his first new release in 2 years and the first of more to come this year.
This latest single is about the decay and sudden end to what seemingly was a beautiful relationship. The stormy pop-melancholy embraces us in a delicate melody that invites us to feel and forget the reason for a moment. A direct connection with emotion through sound and sensitivity with which the 23-year-old artist, whose songwriting takes on the troubles of youth and dark, melancholy emotions, shows us that he has returned to the music scene stronger than ever after a break.

Can't let you go premieres worldwide today via Warner Music Group and comes along with a music video directed by Nikolaj Osorio in which he invites us to enter nature, embrace vulnerability and have time for ourselves to digest the emotions. Løv Li, which is the moniker of Valdemar Littauer, once again demonstrates that the artistic and creative influence he absorbed in his childhood is still present. And he does so by maintaining the mantra that he heard in his house and that continues to govern his artistic career: “If you choose to do something, do it well!”
Lov Li 2.jpg