After designing the championship trophy case for the latest competition of League of Legends, which took place in Paris earlier in November, and presenting new skins for characters such as Qiyana, the Empress of Elements, Louis Vuitton now reveals a further collaboration with Riot Games, the company behind the most famous e-game in the world: a capsule collection including t-shirts, pants, technical-wear as well as accessories such as shoes and bags.
Designed by Nicholas Ghesquière, the collection features the new Monogram Louis Vuitton x League of Legends as its main characteristic, which features blue, black and white painterly strokes. However, there are others, like the developing of very technical fabrics and materials – something embedded in the French Maison’s DNA – including a new neoprene jersey. Featuring other references to League of Legends, like t-shirts printed with one of the game’s characters, the collection also includes a Monogram full look, a biker jacket, mini skirts and sportswear pieces, as well as accessories such as a watch, shoes – the Archlight sneakers, the Star Trail boots and the Beaubourg derbies – and bags – the Speedy, the Neverfull and the Boite Chapeau Souple. If you feel like playing fashionably on the street, you can already pre-order the clothes online.
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