Louis Vuitton and Pharrell Williams welcome their longtime friend, Tyler, The Creator, to collaborate on a menswear capsule collection that seamlessly fuses the musician’s evolving and distinctive style with the timeless elements of the Maison. Featuring everything from Waffle mules to a rugged monogram chess set, the Spring 2024 collection is already surpassing all expectations.
Not too long ago, Tyler, The Creator joined forces with Louis Vuitton to curate the soundtrack for the Fall/Winter 2022 runway show. His friendship with Pharrell Williams, the creative force behind the menswear line, has been longstanding, and with his new direction shaping the future of the Maison’s menswear division, the timing couldn’t be more opportune. With their bold and influential styles converging, the stage is set for a remarkable Spring capsule, set to release on March 21st.
“Tyler has been a close friend and collaborator for years and our affinities musical and aesthetic are very similar. This collaboration for Louis Vuitton is unique because it is the natural extension of our LVERS philosophy, whose objective is to build a strong network of collaborations with wonderful artists and creatives. In these pieces, there are many elements that are part of Tyler’s idiosyncrasy. See him polish his style and collaborating with him on this spring collection has been very inspiring,”  Pharrell comments.
The collection seamlessly blends Tyler, The Creator’s signature preppy style with the refined dandy aesthetic championed by Pharrell. Vibrant patterns and colours inspired by spring are cleverly incorporated, ensuring versatility across all seasons. The standout feature of the collection is the hand-drawn Craggy Monogram by Tyler himself, available in a range of tonalities reminiscent of creamy pastries. Drawing from both Louis Vuitton’s iconic motifs and Tyler’s artistic universe, the collection showcases intricate designs featuring daisies and Airedale Terrier silhouettes.
“I mainly focused on designing clothes that I could wear all the time. I dress the same for a meeting as I do for a performance or to go to the deli, so drawing the Monogram by hand was the perfect middle ground. Chess is the special thing I’ve ever done and it’s definitely my favourite piece in the collection. The in-house team was fantastic to work with, I felt a bit like Tom Hanks in Big. Pharrell has always had the door open for me, but this collaboration is something I still can’t believe,” says Tyler, The Creator.
The Craggy Monogram adorns an array of elegant pieces, including puffer jackets, windbreakers, and denim ensembles, each exuding a sophisticated yet playful charm. Classic Louis Vuitton elements are reimagined, such as the Damier print seen on raincoats and leather jackets, while knitwear reminiscent of collegiate attire adds a Tyler’s signature touch. Golf-inspired garments are essential too, including reversible windbreakers and technical anoraks that add a sporty dimension to the collection.
Accessories play a pivotal role, with iconic Louis Vuitton bags featuring the grass green Damier print and flower appliqués, a mini golf crossbody bag, an Envelope Pouch, a Rush Bumbag and a dog-shaped chain bag, among others (did you spot the petisú cake bag?). On the other hand, classic bags  like the Keepall or the Courier Lozine 110 trunk are reinterpreted. A specially designed chess set, inspired by melted chocolate, adds a touch of whimsy to the collection.
The footwear selection is just as important: reimagined classics such as the LV Dandy loafers or the LV Waves equestrian boots give the Spring 2024 collection a new spin. The capsule also includes unique pieces like the playful LV Waffle mules in chocolate, pistachio, and vanilla, as well as the sophisticated LV Flower leather sandals. Sneakers featuring the Craggy Monogram or engraved Monogram motifs set to be perfect to both casual and elegant tastes.
Finally, graphic prints adorn hats, aviator caps, and scarves, while jewellery pieces, including gold chains, add a touch of luxury. With its eclectic mix of styles and innovative design elements, the Louis Vuitton x Tyler, The Creator capsule collection offers a fresh perspective on contemporary menswear, inviting everyone to preview once again the savoir-faire of Louis Vuitton.