Hey, readers. We know you love to gaze through glossy magazines and get to know upcoming trends or delve into your favourite designers’ universes. As RuPaul famously puts it: reading is fun-da-men-tal! But so is listening. These past years, the popularity of podcasts has soared (to a worrying extreme, I’d say). But among this whirlwind of people with microphones that seems to have reached its peak, there’s still room for growth and improvement. The best example is Louis Vuitton [Extended], the Maison’s new podcast hosted by documentary maker and fashion journalist, Loïc Prigent. The first chapter is already available on all streaming platforms, and it features the one and only Pharrell.
Prigent’s strong French accent welcomes us into the rich universe of Louis Vuitton, one of the oldest luxury houses in the world and the epitome of the French chic spirit. For the first episode, his special guest is Pharrell Williams, who joined the Maison as the Men’s Creative Director back in February, and already presented his first collection in June. For almost half an hour, the multifaceted artist talks about joining the Vuitton family, his show-stopping presentation at Pont Neuf, as well as music, values, and family.

With such a promising start, Louis Vuitton [Extended] is one of the most exciting projects out there right now. As they explain, the podcast is “a bimonthly 20 to 40 minutes deep dive into the creative beating heart of the Maison,” and it will feature some of the “visionaries that help write Louis Vuitton’s cultural history.” After Pharrell, the next episodes will feature the likes of Nicholas Ghesquière, Creative Director of Women’s Collections; Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud, Master Perfumer; or Francesca Amfitheatrof, Artistic Director of Watches and Jewellery. Other guests of honour will include artists, chefs, athletes, and designers who play an important role in establishing Louis Vuitton as one of the leading luxury houses in the world.

Now that you know, you just need to head to your favourite streaming platform to have a listen, and stay tuned for what’s next. Enjoy!
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