Lucaanzalone 08.jpg
Lucaanzalone 13.jpg
Jacket SANCHEZ KANE, brief WHAT KATIE DID, trousers and boots NATALIA ARANDA.
Lucaanzalone 03b.jpg
Necklace stylist's own, belt SANCHEZ KANE.
Lucaanzalone 14.jpg
Lucaanzalone 04.jpg
Lucaanzalone 01.jpg
Long sleeves blouse ROBERTO SANCHEZ, corset on top and sandals SANCHEZ KANE, headpiece, dress and socks stylist's own.
Lucaanzalone 09.jpg
Necklaces stylist's own, t-shirt, trench-coat and belt SANCHEZ KANE.
Lucaanzalone 06.jpg
Lucaanzalone 02.jpg
Carla wears headscarf and top stylist's own trousers SANCHEZ KANE. Calian wears headmask and skirt SANCHEZ KANE, top NATALIA ARANDA, blouse under MISSONI.
Lucaanzalone 07.jpg
Lucaanzalone 05.jpg
Lucaanzalone 12.jpg
Calian wears top, belt and shorts SANCHEZ KANE, socks stylist's own. Carla wears top, belt and virgin socks SANCHEZ KANE, socks on top stylist's own.
Lucaanzalone 10.jpg
Ribbon stylist's own.
Lucaanzalone 11.jpg
Belt stylist's own, trousers LEVI'S.