Since the last time we spoke with Lorelei Marcell more than two years ago, the artist has kept working tirelessly to consolidate her profile on the international music scene and gaining a well-deserved foothold in the industry. After amassing millions of streams independently, performing to packed crowds, and earning acclaim from specialised media that have praised her natural talent, she now releases i will always love your ghost (Stripped).
“I wrote this song in a time of reflection. That is typically where I begin my writing process; reflecting on the past. There is something so important about grief discussion, and while I haven't yet experienced true catastrophic loss, I've learned what it feels like,” responds the artist who enjoys writing super emotional songs about her experiences to show how intense everything is when you're going into your twenties. “I wrote this song about losing love but finding solace in their memory. Losing the right person at the wrong time sticks to you, and it is difficult because you know how good it could be.”

The original version of i will always love your ghost was featured/sync'd in episodes S18E06 and S18E09 of America's Got Talent, and Simon Cowell posted about the song on his personal feed. “This is one of the most beautiful songs I've heard in a very long time…” Her latest release encourages us to accept that someone is gone, while still holding their memory. “I didn't want it to carry any angst or grudge, instead have this soulful cathartic element of acceptance within grief, while knowing nothing can top that person's memory,” adds the artist when asked about her new single.