New year, new life. We have just welcomed 2021, a year that promises to make us enjoy with many inventive and thought-provoking collaborations. Loewe goes ahead materialising the wishes and emotions revealed during the difficult year we leave behind in a new capsule collection, in collaboration with one of the most acclaimed animated film characters: Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro. Considered a cultural icon since its creation in 1988 by Studio Ghibli, responsible for many of the most famous films and short films in recent history, the protagonist of the Japanese movie – included among the hundred best films in the history of cinema – joins forces with the Spanish luxury brand. And it is that both share an unconditional love for nature and an attraction for continuous invention, needed now more than ever.
My Neighbor Totoro is much more than an audiovisual piece. Throughout its more than three decades of history, the Japanese animated film directed by Hayao Miyazaki has ended up forging its own culture, an emotion shared by its unconditional fans who saw in sisters Mei and Satsuki their relationship with spirits who live in the forest a perfect balance between reality and fiction.

The dreamlike-inspired flora and fauna, very present in the film, are also part of Loewe's creative universe, committed to exploring and searching for new solutions since its beginnings. Such was the success of the movie, and more specifically Totoro’s hit, that it was turned into Studio Ghibli’s hallmark. A recognition of the character's unique personality, who now enters – accompanied by his fictional friends – in the universe of luxury shaped like prints.

We see them incorporated into leather jackets, oversized shirts, cotton t-shirts, hoodies and engaging wool sweaters. Natural landscapes seem to come to life as they merge with the Maison's historic manufacture. The army of animated characters follow us in the adventure, guiding us on the way, making their mark on leather accessories, from straps to pone covers in calfskin. And in some of the most iconic Loewe bags, such as the Puzzle, the Balloon or the Hammock, painted in yellow, blue or green. Accessories that will probably become one of the essentials for next season. The Loewe x My Neighbor Totoro capsule collection drops January 8th, but you can enter the draw to win 24 hours early access to the global launch. Good luck!
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