Loewe continues its winning streak with the most recent release of their new exclusive jewellery collection, with pieces that were already hinted at for their Spring/Summer 2024 show but that now take the full spotlight in an aesthetic way, just as the house has us used to. Artist Lynda Benglis lends her expertise and creative vision to create artisanal pieces that transcend time.
On Loewe’s Spring Summer show, aside from the memorable looks and incredible ideas Jonathan Anderson presented on the runway, the eyes and flashes were also on the equally interesting pieces that adorned the path the models were walking, where a series of copper sculptures shined bright amongst the predominantly white venue. Well, these sculptures and some of the accessories the models were wearing were created in collaboration with the American sculptor and visual artist Lynda Benglis, in what, now we know, was the first part of their creative history together.
The collection is formed by twenty unique pieces that were conceived with the idea of becoming wearable sculptures, a concept very similar to what Anderson does with his creations, where sometimes they resemble more art pieces than actual garments. According to her artistic experience, where the exploration of materials and their properties is key, her collaboration with Loewe is marked by the wide range of motifs and techniques used, where foil, mesh, clay, wire, and polyurethane served as her testing materials in her Santa Fe, New Mexico, studio, which later on would be translated into the actual pieces.
With a unique combination of form, shapes, and colours and with a liquid and light appearance that sets them apart from other jewellery proposals, the collection exudes artistic charisma and a liberating aura, which is not casualty considering how they are meant to be worn by bodies that are constantly in motion. The contrast between vibrant colours and the timeless elegance of 18ct gold, the different shades of crystals, and the round and bubbly but also twisted and tangled shapes are manifested in rings, earrings, cuffs, pendants, and brooches that mean a successful addition to the Loewe universe, where savoir-faire is always the rule.