The famous personalities and innovative essence of artist Lynda Benglis are reenacted for the new Loewe Spring/Summer 2024 women’s campaign. Taylor Russell, Yang Mi, and the newest women’s brand ambassador, Lim Ji-Yeon, illustrate the iconic and timeless image of the artist across a series of vignettes shot by David Sims, reflecting the art of impersonation and unconventional spirit for this new season.
Lynda Benglis is both the inspiration and the artist, and her unique image is all over this collection. Benglis is an American sculptor most known for her post-war works that redefined sculpting. Her innovation and creativity is what is captured by this campaign, not only through her image but also through a series of sculptural jewellery pieces she designed for the collection. Here, identity is the performative act being displayed, and each of the three actresses depicting her image are representing the directness and action of the art world.
Yang Mi sits at a table and gently holds a tomato, Lim Ji-Yeon is reclining on a ladder, and Taylor Russell recreates the famous ad of Benglis where she holds a feathered mask while looking into the camera. These emblematic portraits demonstrate the domain of studio work, which is highlighted by the play on elongated silhouettes, textural knits, and draped layers. Each picture is a performance, and a rendering of intertwined identities as played by the actresses. The jewellery pieces are brought to life through the images, and each bag and shoe displayed are placed as if frozen mid-act. Life is imitating art, and the legend and craft of Benglis continues to make a statement through this new artistic approach from Loewe.