At the centre of Loewe's Spring/Summer 2024 pre-collection campaign is the legendary actor, Maggie Smith. Known for her iconic roles in the Harry Potter franchise and Downton Abbey, Smith’s cameo is everything we didn’t know we needed – and the Internet seems to agree. Who would have expected to see Professor McGonagall carrying a Loewe Puzzle bag?
In one scene, Smith is shot wearing a giant floor-length faux fur coat, perfectly paired with Loewe’s signature Puzzle bag. In another, she exudes elegance in a white and black turtleneck dress with a ruffled skirt, gracefully holding the House’s Paseo bag. Fashion fans and muggles around the world were instantly captivated by Smith’s modelling skills, affirming that great style and killer posing are, as a matter of fact, ageless.
The pre-collection campaign features an exceptional cast of talents alongside Maggie Smith. American actresses Dakota Fanning and Greta Lee, British actor Josh O’Connor, South Korean artist Taeyong, British artist Rachel Jones, American actor Mike Faist, and Chinese model and industry icon Fei Fei Sun (the first Asian model to grace the solo cover of Vogue Italia and American Vogue) round out the campaign’s star-studded lineup.
Building on the idea of craft, an identity trait of the House, campaign images are ripped out bluntly, superimposed and photographed again, gaining a sculptural feel and a sense of materiality that is intrinsically Loewe. Juergen Teller’s unapologetic gaze captures the essence of imperfection as the ultimate perfection. Notably, the campaign introduces a special collaboration with Kyoto-based ceramic studio Suna Fujita. The Puzzle Fold tote, adorned with the whimsical and naive animal world created by Shohei Fujita and Chisato Yamano.
Shot by Juergen Teller against rather gritty domestic surroundings, the protagonists of the campaign are shot wearing re-proportioned classics from the collection: simple knits, jeans, denim tops and skirts, shearling coats and leather pieces accompanied by the iconic classic and edge versions of the Puzzle, the Puzzle Fold tote, the Squeeze, the Pebble Bucket, Paseo, and Fold shopper –all add up to an overall sense of twisted realism.
With a cast that spans generations and visuals that push the boundaries of fashion photography, Loewe invites us into a world where style transcends age and captivates our senses. Let the magic of Loewe's campaign inspire us all to embrace our individuality and celebrate the beauty that comes with every stage of life.
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