In the midst of the anthurium blooms and deflated balloons that came with the arrival of Loewe’s Spring/Summer 2023 presentation, it was the appearance of pixelated hoodies, trousers and t-shirts which created the most buzz. “Reality or illusion?” the Spanish surrealism-enthused brand later playfully asked with its Spring/Summer 2023 campaign. Now with the launch of a seven-part mind-bogglingly spectacular Pixel capsule collection, rounded off with a dreamy pixelated cuboid-like Puzzle Edge bag, we’ll finally have the opportunity to find out for ourselves!
Designs such as those seen on the runway, as well as loose-fitting jeans, a trucker jacket and a denim skirt, have all been rendered, with cobalt blue or midnight black squares in a continued effort to achieve Creative Director Jonathan Anderson ‘pixelated glitch’ effect. In keeping with this psychedelic feat of virtual meets in real life, all of the pieces are also set to be packaged in unique pixelated bags and boxes.
Loewe Ss 2023 6.jpg
Loewe Ss 2023 5.jpg
Loewe Ss 2023 2.jpg
Loewe Ss 2023 4.jpg