Body language is something that only a ballerina could nail and understand so perfectly. Her poise, distinguished look and grace are just some of the things that make us fall for Loewe's brand ambassador Taylor Russell, and these are exactly the elements that shine in the brand's latest campaign, shot by the incomparable David Sims.
The pics represent the process of it all, it's almost like showing a work in progress, it's an improvised set – at least it's meant to look like it – where the props have been thrown around. She's dancing and playing around, although with her always present coy demeanour. She also features in front of an all-white set, like a studio, sitting elegantly on the ground, showing off her acting skills. She also shows off some of Loewe's star products, like the Paseo bag, beautifully created in napa leather, or the Goya Puffer bag. Not only that, she wears the now viral pixelated jersey, looking as if she were also a cutout. In fact, in one of the images, she is an actual cutout.

Loewe continues to play around with the concept of reality and fantasy, from their collaborations with Studio Ghibli films, which integrate fantastical surreal elements, to these, at first glance, simple campaigns that actually play with our mind in more ways than we would think: check out the layout of the sofa or how the rug has been placed. These pictures are a crude representation of it is or what it takes to take a picture, showing us what goes behind it. The mise en scene is vital to creating a great image, and they knew to play with the concept in order to bring something else to the table. In fact, the background here is more important than ever, as they have included lifestyle items like teapots, tableware and candles, creating a dialogue with it.
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