With the collaboration of actresses Úrsula Corberó and Greta Lee, alongside the brand ambassador Stéphane Bak, Loewe Perfumes unveils a new campaign that explores the diverse ways in which human emotions and natural events trigger feelings. The brand introduces a new fragrance in company of the classics from the Botanical Rainbow collection, all while unveiling a revitalisation and relaunch of the Un Paseo en Madrid collection.
Colour, elegance, nature, diversity, peace, and energy are the words conveyed by the images and videos in this campaign. Under the lens of photographer Tyler Mitchell and directed by Albert Moya in the film, a unique symbiosis is created between the natural world and Loewe Perfumes. In the photographs, each perfume is displayed in a colour palette inspired by Mother Earth, encompassing tones such as browns, greens, and serene blues, interwoven with details of plants, flowers, and other earthly elements, represented in the style of still life. In contrast, the videos depict the opposite: water, flowers blooming, fruit–living nature in all its essence.

Furthermore, the role of the actors is pivotal in conveying the central idea of the campaign. Hence, in their performances, they express a broad range of emotions that represent the sensations evoked by a fragrance, spanning from tranquility to boldness.

The latest creation, Loewe Aire Anthesis, is a unisex fragrance crafted by perfumer Nuria Cruelles, who has successfully captured Loewe Perfume's distinctive essence while maintaining cohesion with the focus and scent of the Botanical Rainbow collection. Yet, this fragrance is not an ordinary one; it is the first of a new generation of perfumes bearing the Loewe Accord distinction, inspired by the Spanish flora, particularly the Cistus or Rock Rose, which blooms in Spain.

Conversely, Un Paseo Por Madrid takes inspiration from a more urban setting, specifically the brand's city of origin. Both fragrances share a similar block-like bottle shape but are visually distinguished by the material of their caps: Botanical Rainbow features wooden caps, while Un Paseo Por Madrid showcases marble caps.
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