It’s just natural that music haunts us from a very early age since it’s one of the most ancient forms of artistry along with dance. However, it’s not that usual to find a band that’s been active since its members were just twelve years old. But here we are, interviewing Saul Kane from L’objectif, a four-piece band also composed of Louis Bullock (drums), Ezra Glennon (bass) and Dan Richardson (guitar). On March 22nd, the Leeds-based music band is releasing The Left Side, their newest EP, which the lead singer and producer says is “a commentary on past teenage troubles and the emotions that came with it.” And with it, they’ll be touring the UK in April and May, so make sure you catch them!
Congratulations on your upcoming EP. Could you tell us a bit about the project, how it came to be, and what you’re aiming to capture on it?
The whole project spans around three years, but the main bulk has been completed since we left college. We had a lot more time to create a more defined sound and production for this project, so I suppose we see it as our best sounding EP. There wasn’t a specific aim for it but when we listen back, it’s clear it is quite a retrospective project, a commentary on past teenage troubles and the emotions that came with it.
I often hear bands struggling to translate the energy of their live shows to record, but you guys seem to have managed to do that pretty well. Is this something you’ve been conscious about or has it happened naturally?
That’s something we always try to achieve, which can be quite heard as the majority of this project was completed in my bedroom. Hopefully, the sound of us as a band translates well.
How did you find recording and producing a lengthier project? As I understand, you take a DIY process, producing the music yourselves. Do you enjoy this process, and do you see yourselves working with producers in the future at some point?
We have worked with producers before and on this project with Mr Ali Chant for ITSA and Conman. However, I (Saul) do get a lot of satisfaction through producing our music, it works really well for us and I’m definitely improving all the time. To be honest, it’s as big of a passion as it is to write the songs, so yes, we absolutely love the process.
What’s the music scene like in Leeds? Do you feel part of a group of musicians doing similar things, with a community spirit?
I think it’s pretty good, loads of artists and bands doing well. We’ve not really been able to be a part of it until now, really; we’ve been kids for a lot of the time we've been a band. Even when we were a bit older, Covid was around, so it was difficult to get involved. There is a big sense of community however in the Leeds scene, and I think it’s something the city should be really proud of. There is room for everyone and I think the more you go out and show your face in Leeds, the more you become involved.
Every city has its own music culture. When thinking of Leeds, I automatically think of drum ’n’ bass, jungle, and similar genres. Obviously, you sit outside of that genre-wise, but do you think being from Leeds has affected your music at all?
Probably slightly. Musically, however, I’ve never really focused on where we are from, we love the scene and the city. I think our inspirations have more to do with the internal than the external. It's a bit cliché, but I think we have often felt like we've not really fit in, we never felt like we could stick to or belong to a specific musical subculture or scene.
I understand the band was formed in 2017, when you were about twelve years old. Do you think maturing and developing since then has affected your music? Also, as a band, do you think it has made your bond stronger, growing together?
It's definitely improved our bond. Louis and I have now been in the same band by the same name for eight years, so that's gotta count for something. We’ve all known each other for so long now and done so many things that we’ve dreamt of doing that there's a bond deeper than friendship there.
Without directly tackling the question of who has influenced your music, do you have any particular genres or specific artists who you have been listening to a lot recently?
I’ve been listening to a lot of Sly and the Family Stone, my brother properly put me on to them. The Lemon Twigs I think are a great band as well and have been loving their new album.
Back to the EP itself, have any of you got any particular moments you are most proud of? If so, why?
Lily Of The Valley, I think it's the most proud we've been of a song. It signifies a bit of a step up for us in many ways, everyone who's heard it seems to really get it straight away and that feels nice.
Have you got any big plans for performing the new songs live? I understand you have a headline tour set for Spring.
We have lots of plans, they are all surprises though, so you must come down to experience them. We take every opportunity that we play to be completely creative and experiment, so that's what this tour is about.
Any upcoming projects you would like to tell us about? I’m sure your debut album is on the horizon somewhere …
We are working on it now, although our expectations are sky high. I’ve personally been writing the debut L’objectif album since I was about nine, so there's a lot of material to choose from. If we get it right, it should be perfect.