After her sucessful debut album The Words in 2022, Liz Cass has been working tirelessly on a new record, set to release later this year. So far, she’s been teasing us with some singles like Map of a Human Heart and Too Hot, and today, we’re here to bring you yet another one: 3AM Feelings, which she describes as “a no shame, pour your heart out, love song about giving yourself over to that all-encompassing, electrifying love that you’re prepared to let consume you.” Have a listen now!
Even though Liz has been making music for a long time – her first Spotify song can be traced back to 2013 –, the singer used to work on more collaborative songs and records (including Martin Badder, Hot Since 82, John Monkman, or Citizenn, among others). But for the past years, she’s explored music more on her own and forged her own path, stepping into uncharted territory while working on her distinctive sound, which is now characterised for her use of synths and guitars. “I grew up on 80s music and it's a huge influence for my sound,” she explains.
As per 3AM Feelings, her new song, she says that it is “the power ballad I’ve always wanted to write, complete with a fiery outro guitar solo from Louis Eliot (Grace Jones, Rialto).” Indeed, the track has a nostalgic vibe to it, one that takes you back to a time of analogue photos, big shoulder pads, and hairstyles full of layers and volume. “We’ve been messing with magic / We’ve been playing with fire / I know you like it / When I take you higher,” Liz sings softly accompanied by airy synths, which are later joined by a powerful guitar solo crescendo. If you ever wondered what your brain might sound like at 3 am, now you can explore so through this song.