Join Mathilde Favier, the powerhouse behind PR at Dior Couture, on an exclusive adventure through the heart of Paris under the pages of her latest book, Living Beautifully in Paris. In this exciting read, Favier spills her insider knowledge of her beloved city, giving you a peek into the hidden worlds of Paris’ top personalities in fashion, beauty, art, interior design, and gastronomy.
Born into one of Paris’ most creative families, Mathilde Favier has emerged as the epitome of Parisian grace and sophistication. Rising to prominence as a trailblazer in the PR world, Favier's journey within the couture universe of Dior exemplifies her ability to effortlessly blend warmth and sophistication while navigating the city’s rich cultural landscape.
After living in cities as diverse as New York, Switzerland, and London, where she raised her children, Mathilde returned to Paris and rediscovered the city. This is how she decided to share with the world the family traditions with which she grew up, with the purpose of transmitting to new generations the freedom in which she was educated and the values that govern her life, with the family as her support. In her role as the PR Director of Dior Couture, Favier not only spearheads global celebrity relations but also champions the cause of beauty and holistic wellness with unwavering passion and dedication, making her the perfect reliable source when it comes to Paris.
This book offers a secret passport to the true essence of Paris. Compiled like a director's personal scrapbook, it's curated by the discerning eye of Favier, a local who knows the city's hidden corners. Turn the pages, and you'll encounter the city through the words of Frédérique Dedet, editor-in-chief of the chic Série Limitée magazine. Her agile prose guides you, while acclaimed fashion photographer Pascal Chevallier brings the visuals to life with stunning photographs. It's an intimate journey through the heart of Paris, revealing the private sanctuaries, unique shops, creative studios, and even the kitchens of the city's most captivating personalities. Through their personal stories, expert opinions, and shared secrets, you'll discover the unique side of Parisian life.