Always one to tap into her emotions in the process of music-making, the Los Angeles based pop-EDM artist Caitlin Linney, known under her stage name Linney, releases another hit song titled Super Human. Having played the demo of this song a year earlier at her wedding, Linney expresses the strength she receives from her loved one, granting her the feeling of being super human.
After releasing Run to the Forest and Garden earlier this year, Linney shows a more vulnerable side to her with her latest single under Helix Record. Being a songwriter for talents, as she won the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, Linney knew this song was too special to give up to someone else, though it did have some strong interest. Speaking of Super Human, she states: “Still to this day, this record makes me cry. And I know I’m an emotional person, but not many songs can do that for me. I’ve always known there was something special about this song and I feel so lucky that I’m finally releasing it the way I hear it.”
The song starts with a heart-wrenching lyric “I wish I was strong like you,” building up in confidence as she sings about that special person “who makes you feel limitless,” until eventually peaking and softly exploding into a pop-synth sound. Through her evocative and relatable lyrics and ethereal voice, Linney captures her audience with an electrifying beat resulting in an authentic piece of music. If her previous work has shown us anything it is that her upcoming EP set to release next year will be filled with sincere music you can still jump and dance to.