Lina Maxine has shown since her beginnings a creative capacity without limits where everything is possible. At least it is in her artistic universe, in which she puts her heart and mind into creating new formulas to connect her to audiences spanning beyond her own universe, as her music continues to resonate. Now we present her latest project, her four-part-series of live videos to follow the release of her highly anticipated debut EP Mind Games. An initiative recorded at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios that the artist refers to as a dream come true. “I hope you enjoy the journey,” she adds.
Having unveiled her six-track EP Mind Games, Lina Maxina now goes a step further with the presentation of this release which, far from being a singular video, is a complete four-part-series and complete sensory experience. Including performances of SHALL WE?, MANGO, WIN YOU and RUBIX, the cinematography comes courtesy of James Humby (UNTOLD Studios), who shot and edited; Pete Gabriel, whose iconic Real World Studios provided the backdrop; and finally ultimate creative direction and inspiration coming from Lina herself.

In a world in which we are oversaturated with constant stimuli, it is essential to look for new tools and forms of presentation. Not sticking to the releases on digital platforms that we are used to, but betting on experimentation or solutions that bring together different creative disciplines. And Lina has shown to be fully aware of this. “The video starts with a shot of me playing bass in an EEG hat that is used in brain studies – I wanted to make it seem like the live session was happening ‘in my head,’ like I was imagining it. Science meets art,” replies the artist when asked about her new release.