Thoughtful and intimate, the rapper serves up a trip to teenage purgatory in his latest music video for Sun Goes Down, following widespread adoration of his aestheticism of heaven and hell in the video for Montero. If you missed it, Montero saw Lil Nas X descend dancing on a pole from heaven into hell. Now we see a softer side of the young genius behind the country meets hip-hop music revolution as he revisits his teens at school.
Lil Nas X blasted onto the international stage with his video Montero / Call Me By Your Name, dressed in Marrie Antoinette wigs by Evanie Frausto and cute to devilish costumes, including a pink Greek-god-like-warrior number. Lil Nas X continues to thrill, this time dressed, comparatively pared back, in a vintage-looking crisp white monochrome suit. The video retraces his youth and talks about feelings of depression and solitude. A future version of himself, wearing the white-out lenses from Montero, revisits his youth in the video bringing love and hope to a place of darkness. Lost and lonely the character in Sun Goes Down does seem to experience a type of purgatory waiting until he is given the confidence to then be free and dance the night away. In an interview Lil Nas X described his style as "risky, vibrant, camp", and continues to do that in this video. He brings a vital perspective to the mainstream in music and fashion.

Sun Goes Down along with Montero are both taken off the artist's debut studio album titled Montero due out this summer.
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